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Jul 24
“In French, you don’t say “I miss you.” You say “tu me manques,” which is closer to “you are missing from me.” I love that. “You are missing from me.” You are a part of me, you are essential to my being. You are like a limb, or an organ, or blood. I cannot function without you.” Unknown (via theantiquated)

Feeling this. Feeling the distance.

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(via girlandpup)

Jul 23

i… what?



i… what?



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Jul 22
Makin’ wishes.

Makin’ wishes.

Jul 12

Cleveland’s sports losing streak is by now legendary. The Indians haven’t won a World Series since 1948. The Browns have never won a single Super Bowl, despite the nation’s most rabid and loyal fanbase—a group that remained stalwart even as the cowardly traitor Art Modell ripped their beloved team away from them. (Modell, unlike LeBron, will never be forgiven.) The Cavs have never won an NBA championship.

It’s not just the fact of those losses, though; it’s the way they happened. Red Right 88. The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. The 1997 World Series, lost in Game 7. And worst of all, though it didn’t happen on the field, the Browns’ departure for Baltimore. The psychic damage of those losses, spread across decades and three different sports, and combined with the struggles of a Rust Belt city in the late 20th century, helps explain some of the anger in the Gilbert letter.

That damage is why I’m nervous, too. Many Cleveland fans (reasonably, I think) refused to get too excited this week. What were the odds that LeBron would really come back? Who comes back to Cleveland? Not LTV Steel. Not TRW. Not Higbee’s. And probably not the King. Why get your hopes up?

Now that he’s back, though, I can’t help but imagine all the horrible ways the triumph could go turn sour. A sudden midcareer slump? A catastrophic injury? Or perhaps more likely, a freakish post-season collapse? Nothing would be more fun that watching Cleveland finally break its sports curse, and yet I can’t help but feel this is the setup for yet another horrifying episode, more grist for a wrenching future 30 for 30 on the haplessness of Cleveland sports. I hope I’m wrong. Long live the King!

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Just waiting for this moment:

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Jul 11


Something to lay down on your soul this Friday. 

You and I, John Legend. 




Here’s how Sports Illustrated got the LeBron James exclusive.

I’ve been in Cleveland for a week. The RNC was announced and now LBJ.Big things for the city.This is good.


Here’s how Sports Illustrated got the LeBron James exclusive.

I’ve been in Cleveland for a week.
The RNC was announced and now LBJ.
Big things for the city.
This is good.



Have you guys cried your way through this John Legend video yet? Because I am sobbing at my dining room table. 

I made it to the woman with vitiligo and lost my entire shit.  

Jul 8
“I call them the Beyoncé voters, the single ladies. Obama won the single ladies by 76 percent last time, and they made up about a quarter of the electorate. You know, they depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands.”

Fox News contributor and epic douchebag Jesse Watters 

This whole article, “Getting to Know the Beyonce Voter,” is pretty great. 

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I called this.

Jun 28

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Jun 27

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